A Hallelujah Moment

wswan2We were standing by a beaver pond on the Two Hundred Acre Wood, and the two floating tumps way off in the distance looked like melting ice in the low light, but something about the two snowy white shapes didn’t seem right.  When one fluffy tump turned right side up and looked over at us with a lustrous gimlet eye, we were delighted.

Holarctic swans occasionally put in an appearance in our part of the world when migrating, but it doesn’t happen often, and we had never seen them ourselves.  The yellow eye lores (or patches) at the base of their bills were not visible in twilight, but our beautiful birds were “whistlers”, and not members of the smaller Bewick’s Swan tribe.  The interval by the pond was definitely what I like to call a  “hallelujah moment”.

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April Wine

sayingyes2After a long hard winter, this year’s turning toward springtime is something to crow about.  Have there ever been such vivid sunsets in the story of the world, such indigos, purples and golds, such broad brushy sweeps of clouds?  If these sunsets were potions, they would be heady and intoxicating concoctions – brews rich and sparkling, potent enough to convey wonder and enlightenment and vibrant immortality.  April sunsets are fine wine indeed.

This year, I am viewing April’s dusky wonders from a snowdrift and all the gloss will be ice, at least for the next week or two, but even that cannot dim the magnificence that wraps the world at the end of day. Humbled beyond words, I am happy just to be here and seeing it all, and I so wish I could throw my arms around the world.

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Winter Sundown

winterlight5Somewhere to the south are open waters and sunny shorelines, herons, loons and fields of grazing geese.  Not here though.  Everything is frozen over and deep in snow, and the birds who visit are hardy creatures who live in the north all year long and do not migrate.  For some reason, their songs are always the most beautiful in winter.

There are intense blue shadows all around, and the perfect sundown light is shining across the snow like honey.  If spring had arrived on time, the end of my day would not have looked like this, and I would not have been seeing the journey in this astonishing light, these jewel colors. Just being here is enough.

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