The Road Goes Ever On

walker2This is my last post at Elderwoman Musings, and I write it with both gladness and sorrow.  A little less than four years ago, Kathleen Martin began thinking about a place where elderwomen could meet, share their art and their thoughts, communicate the lushness, colors, music and wild grandeur of the trail they were walking along together, but from far flung corners of the continent.  In the beginning, Kathleen said:

“We elderwomen have each walked the earth for at least six decades and have a measure of contentment in our worn paths and comfortable shoes. We are less concerned about growing old gracefully and more concerned about growing old consciously. The images we capture with our cameras and the words these images evoke help us to live in our world more mindfully. We delight in sharing our awareness with one another and are grateful for the insights and appreciations that emerge through this communal effort.”

Kathleen, Donna and Ellen, I am grateful for the great good fortune and privilege of knowing you, and richer by far for your friendship.  Wherever I go, I will remember your art, your words and your wisdom.  Thank you too to Ernestine, Sharon, and Tabor who visited often and shared their thoughts.  You have all been the finest of companions on this journey.  May you find joy in creating, may all your lessons be gentle, and may fulfillment grace your  life.  Wherever we go in future, may we turn a bend on the trail now and then and find ourselves standing together in the sunlight.

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Dancing Alone

poppy4The poppies bloom in the garden of an empty house in the village.  Day by day, I watch paint flaking, window frames and bricks crumbling, roof shingles blowing away, and I wonder why anyone would purchase such a dear little structure and let it fall into ruin.  Once, the colors in the garden danced behind my shuttered eyelids after nightfall.  Now, the poppies dance alone.

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Wild Wonders Anew

4spskimmerAs I wandered around last weekend, looking for wildflowers and clicking away with mad abandon, the first dragonflies of the season whirred around my head in clouds and spiraled off into the sunlit trees in search of prey.  There are clouds of black flies, mosquitoes and deer flies this year, and the little dragons of the woods are dining very well indeed.

Here comes another glorious summer of vibrant leaves and dancing wildflowers, songbirds in the overstory, gossamer-winged dragonflies, butterflies and bumbles, and after a particularly long and cold winter, we are ready.  There are wild wonders here too numerous to mention, and they are all welcome – each and every one.

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