We Shall Bring It Forth

lotus part open

The frogs are chatting outside, some with their bodies pasted against my kitchen window waiting for insects drawn to the light inside my home. The moon is moving toward her full-out gorgeous phase, and I am puttering about this evening doing a bit of artwork and housework. The dogs are quiet.

In the morning I will venture out to inspect the makeshift lotus habitats I have created to see how the plants are faring. I am so enthralled with them, it is a bit like visiting favorite friends. Thus far I have been graced with one large white bloom and a small rose-colored one. And there are several more to come!

Speaking of visiting favorite friends…this evening I am making this last contribution to Elderwomen Musings. I will ever be grateful to Kathleen, Cate, and Donna for having me share this space with them. What an honor to be part of such a talented and passionate small crowd of friends!

And I am no less grateful to the women who have read these posts and to those who have made comments. Among those are Ernestine, Sharon, and Tabor, whose heartfelt remarks have always lifted me up. Thank you so much.

The frogs will chat, the insects will thrive, the moon will rise, and we women will continue to hold a vision of a planet, loved and cared for, and a world of humans able to love and care for one another.

lotus open




It is a sweet dream and we shall bring it forth.

Ellen Hamilton on July 12th, 2014 | File Under Ellen Hamilton | 8 Comments -

The Fabulous, the Funky

passion flower

Several years ago the passion vine waltzed right into my vegetable garden. It was love at first sight. Hello, you fabulous, funky blooms! I welcomed them with a circular wire trellis, and they went wild (so to speak), covering the entire structure. The bees and I were ecstatic!

The following season, I looked expectantly at the ground, and looked and looked some more. There were a few straggly starts, but nary a bloom all season. This vine had a mind of its own and I was not in charge!

Two years ago I began exploring the grounds around my current home and I noted the spots where the passions vines emerged. This year I transplanted two and encouraged another next to my home by providing it with a wooden trellis. As the vine gathered steam, branching here, curling there, sending tendrils outwards, I noticed an orange, black-spined caterpillar devouring the leaves. Oh, no! My friend Becky came for a visit and calmly informed me, “That’s why we want passions vines. So the caterpillars can eat the leaves. The vines’ll grow back and the flowers will come.”

And she was right. The vine near my back door has rebounded from the caterpillar rampage and provided me with several blooms. This one appeared today.

As so it is with passion, with energy, with life. The flame, the hope, the energy rises. All glory breaks loose! And then it all subsides, like the tides pulled out to sea, the moon on the wane. The re-emergence comes in its own time. The caterpillar chomps and chomps and I despair…All is lost! And, then, leaves re-sprout and the fabulous, the funky reappears.

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Despair Takes Wing

dragonfly brown

Yesterday my mind was mud, making tracks of despair through my day. Today I perch on the ground to chat with this friend, a most cooperative sort. He cocks his head this way and that, moves his mandibles up and down. In moments my mind has cleared, despair takes wing. Amazing what a small chat can do.

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