As I sit at my desk I have a view of 3 feeders.
Never know what might visit, many times a surprise.
Wonder what the next surprise will be in my life?

(Special guest Ernestine Lawson has gifted us with today’s post. Thank you, Ernestine.)

Kathleen Martin on June 18th, 2012 | File Under Guest | 4 Comments -

Greater Vision

The very morning I discovered Elderwomen Musings, my vision extended to the mountain beyond the mountain, a scene I had never before seen. Edith, 89 year old dear friend, at 7 am called to tell me her home’s interior was infused in pink from the sky. I went outside to look. I saw another world mountain behind mountain revealed.

(Special guest Joy Krauthammer has gifted us with today’s post. Thank you, Joy.)

Kathleen Martin on January 26th, 2012 | File Under Guest | 8 Comments -

Get In Line

I didn’t see it at first, the tiny sprout peeking up under the daffodils sunny gaze. The green shoot in the dark soil surrounded by the late March snow.  The yellow blossom with its own snowy cape leaning down as though to shelter its tender cousin.

(Special guest Wendy Sarno has gifted us with today’s post.  Thank you, Wendy.)

Kathleen Martin on April 2nd, 2011 | File Under Guest | 6 Comments -