Can you see the real me? I am somewhere in this image of clear flowing icy water with its reflected blue sky, and I am smiling. All it takes is the caress of Helios on one’s shoulders and a little wild alchemy, a few hours when the temperatures are in the low minuses for a change rather than the abysmal minuses, a huddle of old sun kissed stones on a Lanark hill somewhere beyond the wind.

One morning you go out to the woods in late winter and hear water moving somewhere nearby. The liquid music tugs like  magnet, and you follow it to a hidden hillside alcove with a rivulet sparkling under the blue sky.  You sit on a rock watching the water, and you could not – you simply could not – be happier than you are in that moment and place.  Mindful, at peace and completely dissolved into the scene right before your eyes, you could sit there forever.

Cate Kerr on February 21st, 2013 | File Under Cate Kerr | 3 Comments -