punkin1What  better image to tuck in here this morning than my neighbor’s jack-o-lantern? A recent grandmother, her interest in decorating has been reawakened, and new things are appearing on her veranda and in her garden almost daily.  There are witches and dancing skeletons and scarecrows everywhere, and yesterday, B. was perched on a ladder, hanging strings of tiny pumpkin lights from the eaves and singing to the little girl in her swing nearby.   If my balance was better, I would have been out stringing lights with her, but my left knee is not working, and I am far too earth bound for my taste at the moment.

Little Zoe is  is making her first “trick or treat” outing this year, and I have a special treat tucked away for her. When we moved here years ago,  Zoe’s mum was in kindergarten,  and now here she is, all grown up and a proud mother, introducing her beautiful baby daughter to the world and her first Halloween outing.  This is what life is all about, and grand it is to be here watching!

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