Endings and New Beginnings

Goodbye“We elderwomen have each walked the earth for at least six decades and have a measure of contentment in our worn paths and comfortable shoes. We are less concerned about growing old gracefully and more concerned about growing old consciously. The images we capture with our cameras and the words these images evoke help us to live in our world more mindfully. We delight in sharing our awareness with one another and are grateful for the insights and appreciations that emerge through this communal effort.”

These are the words with which Musings began almost four years ago and are appropriate words with which to conclude our sojourn together. Certainly there is some sadness I feel that the postings of my elderwomen friends will not be there to greet me with my morning coffee. But there is far more gladness and gratitude in my heart for the words and images we have shared over the years, for the encouraging responses to one another’s experiences, and for the companionship of those who have joined us on this journey. I know myself better, my love for the wild world has deepened, and my understanding of community is much richer. Thank you, my friends, and may that which has brought us together always be within our reach.

Kathleen Martin on June 28th, 2014 | File Under Kathleen Martin | 5 Comments -

The Fabulous, the Funky

passion flower

Several years ago the passion vine waltzed right into my vegetable garden. It was love at first sight. Hello, you fabulous, funky blooms! I welcomed them with a circular wire trellis, and they went wild (so to speak), covering the entire structure. The bees and I were ecstatic!

The following season, I looked expectantly at the ground, and looked and looked some more. There were a few straggly starts, but nary a bloom all season. This vine had a mind of its own and I was not in charge!

Two years ago I began exploring the grounds around my current home and I noted the spots where the passions vines emerged. This year I transplanted two and encouraged another next to my home by providing it with a wooden trellis. As the vine gathered steam, branching here, curling there, sending tendrils outwards, I noticed an orange, black-spined caterpillar devouring the leaves. Oh, no! My friend Becky came for a visit and calmly informed me, “That’s why we want passions vines. So the caterpillars can eat the leaves. The vines’ll grow back and the flowers will come.”

And she was right. The vine near my back door has rebounded from the caterpillar rampage and provided me with several blooms. This one appeared today.

As so it is with passion, with energy, with life. The flame, the hope, the energy rises. All glory breaks loose! And then it all subsides, like the tides pulled out to sea, the moon on the wane. The re-emergence comes in its own time. The caterpillar chomps and chomps and I despair…All is lost! And, then, leaves re-sprout and the fabulous, the funky reappears.

Ellen Hamilton on June 25th, 2014 | File Under Ellen Hamilton | 2 Comments -

Going Through the Fire

6-20-2883Kneading the clay. Centering. Forming the pot. Firing. Pottery metaphors for life have been used a hundred, a thousand times. Maybe there is nothing new I can say. I can only watch in silence, hoping my pot will make it through the heat, the ashes, the cooling stage. Hoping my pot will be made more beautiful by the fire. Hoping I will have something to show for my efforts. And, if it cracks, hoping I will have at least learned something in the process.

Donna Bearden on June 23rd, 2014 | File Under Donna Bearden | 3 Comments -